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The Institute of International and Comparative Education (IICE) has been the key institute in the field of international and comparative education research. IICE rises to meet the demand for China's modernization and educational reform and development. Following the principle of "thinking globally and acting locally”, IICE concentrates on cutting-edge issues in educational reform and development theory, policy and practice at home and around the world, and carries out research in nation studies, subject studies and comparative studies. During the past 10 years, IICE conducted 123 research projects including 5 national level, 89 provincial and ministerial level, and 8 international collaborative ones, and published 77 books and 851 academic journal articles.

Professor Gu Mingyuan is the chief editor for many large-scale educational reference books, such as The Dictionary of Education, The Series on Education in China, The Series on Worldwide Education, Chronicles of Global Education, An Overview of Domestic and International Ideas on Education; he has also published many monographs such as An Introduction to Comparative Education and The Cultural Foundation of Education in China. Professor Wang Yingjie is the author of many monographs, such as Development and Reform of Higher Education in the United States, Education in the United States, and The Formation of and Development of World-class Universities. In addition,there are many monographs edited by other professors, such as Comparative Higher Education by Professor Fu Juanming, Comparative Adult Education by Professor Bi Shuzhi and Si Yinzhen, and Comparative Teacher Education by Professor Su Zhen. All of the above have promoted China's comparative education to a new level. Furthermore, the following works of young scholars have impacted the development of comparative education: Professor Liu Baocun’s Tradition and Evolution of the Idea of the Universities, Professor Xiang Xianming’s The Cultural Logic of Comparative Education, Professor Ma Jiansheng’s Equity versus Efficiency: A Study on the Market-oriented Education Reform in the US, Professor Wang Xiaohui’s Education Policy Making: An International Comparative Perspective, Professor Xiao Su and Wang Yigao’s Changes in Russian Education over the Past Ten Years, Professor Wang Lu's Educational Inspection and Evaluation in Britain: System, Ideology and Development: System, Philosophy and Development, and Professor Gu Xianlin’s The Management of American Research Universities: Balance and Constraints of state, Market and Academic Power.

Since 1988, IICE has won up to 62 national, provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, An Introduction to Comparative Education by Professor Gu Mingyuan received the second prize for National Teaching Achievement in 2001; Research on Post-war Education in the Soviet Union won the first prize in the First State Education Commission’s Outstanding Awards in the Humanities and Social Sciences in 1995; Ethnic Cultural Traditions and Educational Modernization won the first prize at the Sixth Beijing Outstanding Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences; Dictionary of Education won the third prize at the first General Administration of Press and Publication Dictionary Award in 1995; The Cultural Foundation of Education in China won the first prize at the Ministry of Education’s Outstanding Award for College Level Humanities and Social Sciences in 2006. Compulsory Education in Developing Countries in Asia by Professor Wang Yingjie, Qu Hengchang and Li Jiayong won the first prize at the Second National Outstanding Award in Educational Sciences in 2000. The Formation and Development of World-class Universities by Professors Wang Yingjie and Liu Baocun won the first prize at the Eleventh Beijing Outstanding Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2010 and won the first prize at the Fourth National Outstanding Award in Educational Sciences in 2011.

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