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The Institute of International and Comparative Education is the largest base to train high-level professionals in comparative education in China.

Historically, IICE offered not only master and doctoral programs in comparative education but also a master program in adult education and in educational economics and management. In addition, it used to be one of the partners offering the doctoral program in educational economics and management at Beijing Normal University. After the founding of the Faculty of Education, the two programs in educational economics and management and adult education were placed under the management of other departments.

By July 2011, 341 master students (including 7 foreign students) and 152 doctoral students (including 12 foreign students) have graduated from the institute. Among our alumni, Professor Wang Yingjie is the first recipient of a PhD in comparative education in China, while Gu Ja Oek, a Korean international student, is the first international student to receive a doctorate in the social sciences in China since 1949. Our graduates have been widely praised by employers, with many of them becoming leaders and the driving force of academic teams. The dissertations of Ding Bangping and Qie Haixia, supervised respectively by Professor Gu Mingyuan and Professor Wang Yingjie, were selected as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in 2001 and 2009. The dissertation of Le Xianlian, supervised by Professor Zhu Xudong, was selected as a Beijing Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in 2010.

IICE strives to promote the internationalization of its academic programs. In fall 2011, the institute enrolled the first group of international MA students, which has pioneered the International MA Program of Comparative Education in China. In the same year, the institute successfully applied for the EU Erasmus Mundus program Research and Innovation in Higher Education in conjunction with Austrian, German and Finnish universities, and will enroll the first group of graduate students in fall 2012. It is the first time for a Chinese university to participate in the program as a full partner.

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