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Director's Welcome
Message from the Director

The International and Comparative Education Research Institute ( IICE ) at Beijing Normal University was founded in 1962 (formerly called the Foreign Education Research Institute). It is one of the oldest comparative education research organizations with the greatest scale and influence in China. Supported by IICE, the Center for Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University was established in 1999 with the approval of the Ministry of Education as a key humanities and social science research institute. It is the only such approved research institute in the field of comparative education.

For decades, under the leadership of senior educators, Professors Gu Mingyuan and Wang Yingjie, IICE has persisted in its goal to explore the principles of educational development, serve national educational reforms, cultivate high-level innovative talent, and promote international cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation. IICE has continued to promote innovative models of academic research, policy consultation service and talent cultivation. It has become an essential research and talent cultivation base in the field of international and comparative education in China, making outstanding contributions to the development of the discipline of comparative education in China and to Chinese educational reform, earning significant renown at home and abroad.

“Idle boast that the strong pass is a wall of iron; with firm strides we are crossing its summit.” During this crucial period of socioeconomic development and developments in educational reform, we will carry forward the honored traditions and excellent scholarship of the senior generation of educators, continue to develop and innovate, and reach new heights. We will work to give IICE at Beijing Normal University a leading role in China, with significant influence abroad, as a training base for high-level personnel in the field of comparative education, an international and comparative education research center, a foreign and domestic educational information exchange hub, and an international education consultation and service center.
The development of the International and Comparative Education Research Institute at Beijing Normal University is inseparable from all levels of governments and the community, especially the strong support of the comparative education academic world. We welcome all levels of governments as well as domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, schools, corporations, international organizations for extensive and fruitful cooperation. We welcome domestic and international talent to work at the institute as well as outstanding students wishing to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of a master’s or doctorate degree or cooperation in carrying out post-doctoral research in the field of comparative education. Let us join hands to innovate and create achievements worthy of the times that will be celebrated by future generations; let us write a new chapter in the history of comparative education and continue to make new contributions to educational theory and practice as well as international cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation!