International MA Programs
Publish Date:2012-09-25

In collaboration with the Institute of International Education, Stockholm University, the Institute of International and  Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University offers a Master program in Educational Leadership and Policy (Comparative Education) for International Students. Now applications 2013 are available!
This program will enroll 25 international students. With generous financial support from the Chinese government,  around the top 40% of the international students will be awarded a full Chinese Government Scholarship based on  candidates, academic excellence covering their tuition fees and living expenses for two years. Other students will have  the opportunity to get Beijing Government Scholarships which will cover tuition for at least 1 year.

This program is modeled on the core-course system of the Institute of International Education, Stockholm University,  which has been proved to be effective for over 30 years. It aims to train talented individuals with highly developed  skills in international and comparative education, planning and management, and abilities in working in international  and bilateral organizations, governmental authorities, NGOs and related areas. We are making great efforts to create  more opportunities for students from all over the world to know China and her Culture and we continue to strive to  provide high quality education and excellent service for international students.
All courses will be taught in English. Based on the rich international resources of Beijing Normal University and  Stockholm University, the program will have a strong team of professors from leading education institutes and  universities worldwide, and it will enroll students from all over the world. We are sure this program will provide  
students with a chance to learn and live in a real international and multicultural environment.
This program is a 2-year teaching and research program; students are required to complete a number of courses and a  Master thesis based on independent research. It allows students to fully develop their academic capacities. It will  provide students with qualifications, skills and competencies to apply for Ph.D. programs in comparative education at  Beijing Normal University and elsewhere.
Deadline for Chinese Government Scholarship applications: March 1, 2013  
Deadline for program applications: June 15, 2013

For more information about this program, please visit: and  
For academic affairs, please contact:  
LIU Baocun  
Professor and Director of the Institute of International and Comparative Education  
Tel. +86 (10) 58808309 Fax. +86 (10) 58800597
For administrative affairs, please contact:  
LIU Min  
Assistant Professor, the Institute of International and Comparative Education  
Tel. +86 (10) 58805294 Fax. +86 (10) 58800597


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