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US Former Assistant Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Sclafani's One-week Visit to IICE
Publish Date:2018-04-27

On April 19, 2018, US Former Assistant Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Sclafani kicked off her one-week visit to IICE. Dr. Sclafani also served as US educational representative at OECD and APEC, and she was one of the main promoters of No Child Left Behind and an initiator of STEM education. Over the years, she has maintained a close collaboration with Chinese educationists, and once co-developed an E-language learning program with China’s Ministry of Education. In recent years, Dr. Sclafani’s researches focus on US educational policies and the development of online English and Mathematics courses. She also serves as an international counselor to numerous countries’ educational projects.

On the morning of April 20, Dr. Sclafani delivered a lecture entitled ‘Role of Research in Policy Development’ to IICE faculty and students, and around 140 Chinese primary school headmasters. In the lecture, Dr. Sclafani covered the topics such as the backgrounds, four underpinnings and reflections on No Child Left Behind. Before the lecture began, IICE Associate Professor TENG Jun on behalf of IICE, issued the Certificate of Adjunct Professor to Dr. Sclafani. On the afternoon of the same day, Dr. Sclafani had an interview with China Education to talk about her ideas on educational issues in US and China.

On April 23, Dr. Sclafani visited Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Taida International School and Taida No. 1 Middle School to have talks with school leaders and attend a salon on US-China education.

On April 24, Dr. Sclafani visited Weiming Education Group and Ming Yuan Education College’s Experimental Primary School to listen to English classes and have talks with school teachers.