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IICE Professor LIU Baocun Attended World University Think Tank Alliance Summit
Publish Date:2018-04-08

On Mar 24, 2018, the establishing ceremony of the World University Think Tank and its Alliance Summit was held in Renmin University of China, Beijing. The theme of the summit was ‘Green Development for the “Belt and Road” Initiative’. A total of 26 higher education institutions and think tanks in the world sent representatives for the summit, including 9 first-class university delegations from America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Representatives from several China’s ministries also joined the summit. IICE Professor LIU Baocun attended the summit at invitation.

Prof. LIU delivered a speech entitled ‘Education 2030 Framework for Action and the Participation of China in Global Higher Education Governance’. He pointed out that in the age of globalization, global educational governance is becoming an increasingly important feature of educational development worldwide, and China as an active facilitator of global educational governance is always maintaining a sound interactive relationship with UNESCO in terms of educational reform and development. Prof. LIU also analyzed the visions on sustainable development, especially on educational sustainable development put forward by UN’s Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Education 2030 Framework for Action.