Comparative Education in China


IICE Professor LIU Baocun Visited the University of Turin and Attended EU-China Teacher Education Seminar

 From October 4 to 6, 2017, Prof. LIU Baocun paid a visit to the Department of Philosophy and Education Science of the University of Turin (UT), Italy at invitation. He discussed issues involving collaborative research, collaborative publishing, faculty exchanges and student exchanges with his Italian counterparts. It was hoped that proceeding from the university-level cooperative agreement, BNU and UT could scale new heights in various aspects of cooperation.


During the visit, Professor LIU attended the EU-China Teacher Education Seminar and delivered a speech entitled “Teacher Education in Transitional Evolution and the Reform Trend of Teacher Education System in China.” From an internationally comparative perspective, Prof. LIU discussed the development, system, and reforms of teacher education in China. Based on a deliberate distinguishing between “normal education” and “teacher education” in the Chinese context, Prof. LIU shared and discussed the traditional idea of “normal education” with the audiences.  

Comparative Education in China
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