Academic Events
Lecture(No.143) School Leadership for Better Students- Achievements
Publish Date:2022-11-30

On November 30, 2022, Professor Romuald Normand from the University of Strasbourg in France delivered a lecture entitled "School Leadership for Better Students' Achievements". The lecture was chaired by IICE Associate Professor LIU Min.

Professor Normand first introduced the general situation of school leadership research. With the end of the bureaucratic model, the education system in worldwide has changed, and the empirical research in the late 20th century has gradually shifted from school effectiveness to distributed leadership. Later, Professor Normand distinguished the principals as administrators and leaders around the role of principals, and explained the evolution of the concept of school leadership. In addition to human resource management and budget and financial management, today's leadership emphasizes value guidance, division of labor and coordination, responsibility sharing, innovation and reform, and improving teachers' professional level to promote students' academic performance. At last, Professor Normand took the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, China New Zealand and Finland as examples to analyze the successful experience and limitations of school leadership reform.

Romuald Normand is professor and doctoral supervisor of the University of Strasbourg, France, part-time professor of the French National School of Administration, high-end foreign expert in culture and education of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, and legal director of the Sino French Education Innovation Center of Beijing Normal University. His research areas include sociology of education, education policy and governance, education management and leadership.