Academic Events
Lecture (No.109): International Mobile Scholars: Do International Experiences Count?
Publish Date:2017-06-14
 On June 7, 2017, Professor Ulrich Teichler from International Centre for Higher Education Research, University of Kassel, Germany delivered a lecture entitled “International Mobile Scholars: Do International Experiences Count?” for IICE’s International Education Podium. The lecture was chaired by Prof. LIU Baocun and attended by faculty members and graduate students from the IICE. Prof. Teichler’s main research area is higher education.


The lecture began by Professor Teichler illustrating the connotations of international mobile scholars. He pointed out that the scope of international mobile scholars discussed would include faculty members and researchers of higher education institutions rather than exchange students. Then Prof. Teichler introduced education and early-stage occupational mobility, academic mobility and visits and leaves. He emphasized the importance of choosing the right methods to calculate academic mobility, which could be done through retrospective investigation, CV analysis, personnel statistics, and management analysis for higher education institutions.


Prof. Teichler also shared with audiences the current situations of the overall academic mobility and professional mobility in Europe. According to Prof. Teichler, European countries with high rates of scholar mobility included Switzerland and Ireland, followed by Norway, Germany, Portugal, and the UK. Poland, Italy and Finland were among the countries with the lowest mobility rates. Finally, Prof. Teichler illustrated the differences of different types of mobility.