Academic Events
Lecture (No.108): Cross-Culture Narrative Inquiry
Publish Date:2017-06-14
 On May 26, 2017, Professor HE Mingfang from Georgia Southern University delivered a lecture entitled “Cross-Culture Narrative Inquiry” for IICE’s International Education Podium. The lecture was chaired by IICE’s Associate Professor TENG Jun and attended by faculty members and graduate students from the IICE.


Prof. HE’s research areas include language, culture and identity research using cross-cultural narrative methods, curriculum and instructional theory, and cross-cultural teacher education.


The lecture began by Professor Teichler sharing her academic trajectory and how she embarked on the narrative inquiry. To explain what narrative inquiry is, Professor HE illustrated a couple of major research methods including historical, participatory, ethnographic, cross-cultural, reflective, and narrative research. Next Prof. HE introduced a variety of narrative approaches including critical race, autobiographical, visual (e.g. movies), performative (e.g. comedy), geographical (e.g. videotaping the interviewees), memoir, fictional, and musical narrative. Later, she also talked briefly about documentary film, painting, poetry, culturally relevant inquiry and action research.


Finally, Prof. HE elaborated upon the method ‘tales on canvas and tales in words’ that she used mostly when carrying out narrative research. Taking the work of LIU Yousha, an artist, as an example, Prof. HE encouraged the audience to complete their own narrative research by using different forms of data such as pictures, graphs, and programs, just like the artists presenting their stories through their artistic works.