Academic Events
Lecture (No.107): Academics as a Profession
Publish Date:2017-05-13
 On May 3, 2017, Professor Ulrich Teichler from International Centre for Higher Education Research, University of Kassel, Germany delivered a lecture entitled “Academics as a Profession” for IICE’s International Education Podium. The lecture was attended by graduate students, including international students from the IICE.


The lecture began by Professor Teichler looking retrospect at the changes in academics as a profession since the 1970s as well as numerous related research findings in this respect. Then using a tremendous amount of data, Professor Teichler analyzed a variety of aspects related to academic professionals such as weekly work length, proportion of women academic professionals, types of academic jobs, work environment, salaries, time allocations for teaching and research, patterns of management, competitiveness in academic assessment, publications, and job satisfaction degrees, thus revealing clearly the pressure and challenges faced by academic professionals.