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IICE Associate Professor TENG Jun Attended 2018 Vision of International Schools Conference
Publish Date:2018-10-16

On November 10, 2018, the 2018 Vision of International Schools (VIS) Conference was held in Beijing. IICE Professor TENG Jun attended the conference and hosted a headmaster dialogue on how to develop students’ global competence. More than 70 industrial experts and 1,000 representatives from international schools across China participated in the dialogue.

Different school headmasters shared their understandings and visions of developing students’ global competence. Prof. TENG called for more value of global competence by schools in their future operation. She pointed out that it required efforts from across disciplines to develop students’ global competence, and global competence should be well integrated into specific educational projects, designs and activities. Prof. TENG called for a balance of guiding students to recognize their own national identities and cultivate global awareness. She also argued that private international schools should have more collaborations and exchanges with public schools to promote educational quality to a higher level.