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IIICE Professors’ Participation in the Opening of ‘Sino-Finnish Preschool Education Research Center’ at Tsingtao University
Publish Date:2018-09-20

On September 15, 2018, the opening ceremony for the Sino-Finnish Preschool Education Research Center (SFPERC) took place at Tsingtao University, Shandong Province. IICE Professor LIU Baocun and Associate Professor TENG Jun were invited participants in the ceremony and unveiled the nameplate for the center.

This center was founded as a subordinate organization under IICE’s Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (SFERC), which aimed to facilitate joint academic research, exchanges of faculty and students, and postgraduate programs between China and Finland. Thus far, SFERC has also established two subordinate research centers at Yunnan Normal University and Tsingtao University respectively.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. LIU and Prof. TENG delivered lectures entitled “Writing and Publication of Educational Academic Papers” and “21st Century Core Literacy and the Cultivation of Talents with Global Visions” respectively to faculty and students of the Normal College of Tsingtao University.