Comparative Education in China


IICE Professor LIU Baocun and WANG Lu Attended the Capacity Development Workshop for Sino-Finnish Education Cooperation Professionals

 From August 23 to 25, 2017, the Capacity Development Workshop for Sino-Finnish Education Cooperation Professionals and was held in Tampere, Finland. Approximately 60 people from higher education institutions, business and the press from Finland and China were present the workshop, which had its support by Finland’s Ministry of Education, Tampere municipal government, the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, and Tampere University Teacher Training School and Tampere Adult Education Center. IICE Professors LIU Baocun and WANG Lu attended the workshop.


As the director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (SFERC) established at Beijing Normal University, Prof. LIU remarked that both China and Finland have the tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, and both countries have accumulated abundant outstanding educational experiences. He believes that with the aspiration of learning from each other as well as the support of both Chinese and Finnish governments, education cooperation between the two countries are bound to scale greater heights and make greater contributions to world education at large.


In addition, Prof. LIU and WANG delivered speeches on current reforms of Chinese higher education and basic education and interacted with the audiences.


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