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IICE Professor GAO Yimin and Associate Professor TENG Jun Attended Sunflower International Education Forum
Publish Date:2017-05-22
 On May 13, 2017, IICE Professor GAO Yimin and Associate Professor TENG Jun attended the Sunflower International Education Forum organized by Xinhangdao International Education Group. Educators from Harvard, Beijing Normal University, Central University of Finance and Economics and Beijing No.4 Middle School gathered to discuss the role that family plays in cultivating global talents.


Professor GAO Yimin delivered a speech entitled Make Our Planet the Stage for Kids’ Growth. In his speech, Professor GAO highlighted two types of qualities for a global talent to possess: the spirit of openness and critical thinking. He pointed out that as contradictory as the two qualities seem in that the former requires acceptance and recognition while the latter encourages suspect and negation, they both serve as foundations for a kid’s lifelong learning and growth. They are also the weak links in current Chinese basic education, according to Professor GAO. He noted that the stage of kids’ growth should be far beyond schools and textbooks, and extending to as wide as our whole planet to echo a traditional Chinese saying on learning --- to become a real talent, one should read ten thousand books while in the meantime travel ten thousand miles. Professor GAO also called for parents to enjoy the company of and travel the journey with our kids together.


Prof. TENG discussed about international talents as a special guest during the dialogue.